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Griffith Motors
Location: The Dalles, OR

Project Overview:
Hage Electric recently finished Griffith Motors’ new home at 1900 W. 6th St., in our home town of The Dalles, Oregon. This project is a great addition to The City of The Dalles with three different buildings housing Toyota, Honda, and Griffy Lube. Each of the three buildings has its own unique lighting systems. Hage Electric helped Griffith Motors keep costs down, especially when it came to the parking lot lights. We got creative and found lights that exceeded the engineer’s specifications while still creating a substantial savings. All three buildings were built simultaneously creating a bit of a challenge but were successfully completed at the beginning of this year.
“The Hage organization was very accommodating and thorough with their portion of our recent building project. They were especially patient in helping a neophyte owner/builder with his first major project. They also went outside the box in trying to help control costs and locate the most economical parts and equipment sources”- David Griffith, Owner Griffith Motors