Come join

Our Team

We're a thriving electrical contractor, proudly specializing in commercial and industrial projects and are expanding our team! 


We're looking for you, an experienced licensed Journeyman, to join our family!

Life Insurance

We purchase $100, 000 life insurance for each employee at NO COST to the employee.

Simple IRA

We currently match up to 3% of the gross income into a SIMPLE IRA account! Now there's an opportunity for retirement savings!

Health Insurance

Not only do we offer full medical, dental and vision health insurance benefits to the employee at NO COST, we also cover the entire family for NO COST to the employee!


We appreciate our employees and recognize the hard work they give- that's why we like to celebrate with parties, excursions and adventures on a yearly or bi-yearly basis! 

Competitive Pay

We've been doing our research and we're quite competitive when it comes to our base pay!

Profit Sharing

Each fall we have a profit sharing party in which we celebrate our year over drinks and food and hand out 10% of the profit from the year, split amongst the employees! 

Life flight & FireMed Coverage

Hage Electric pays for this coverage for each and every person and their families living within their household so that in case of an emergency you won't be stuck with a bill!

opportunities for Growth

Not only are there guaranteed, timely pay wage increases but there are also areas for promotion from journeyman to lead journeyman to foreman which all also include pay increases. 

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